Frank Duncan Logan was born in Loughborough, 28th August 1939

Educated in various places in the UK, he moved to the West Midlands in 1964 for employment: staying there until 2007 when he moved to Spain.

He met and married (29th August 1970) ..

Sheena Rosemary (née White)  born Dumfries 25th May, 1946

She was educated in Jamaica, Bolton & Leeds: also moving to find employment  in the West Midlands in 1969

Her parents were Walter Murray White (7/11/1915 - 22/5/1993) & Helen Molly (née Utting,  17/5/1912 - 5/8/2005)

They have 3 sons,

Martin, Duncan & Logan


Frank thinks he was quite a nice looking youth. Hence these photos of him when about 8 and 14.He still was not too ugly when he was lucky enough to get married aged 31-&-one day

Frank is still with the same smile more than 1900 weeks later just before emigrating to Spain