William Logan Selkirk was born in the Stetchford, West Midlands on 5th September 1904. Died Wellington, Telford, Shropshire 16th May 1984

The photo is of the wedding day c. 1900 of his parents Joseph & Isabel Mary Calderwood.

Educated at King Edward’s School Birmingham, he wished to become a dentist but was persuaded to become a metallurgist instead.

Betty Kate Selkirk (née Broomhall) was also born in the West Midlands on 12th August 1907.  She died also in Wellington on 30th May 1984

The photo is of Mr & Mrs Frank Broomhall with (probably) Joseph, Peter & Kate. We think the other “mystery” son David is absent.

(Betty) Kate  became a teacher of “Domestic Science” and Guide Leader after attending Stroud High School